David’s Slingshot is a site especially for women and families who are survivors of domestic violence.  We are here to offer encouragement and hope to you.  Our blog name comes from the story of a brave young man known as David.  He fought a giant with only a slingshot and small pebbles.  Although bigger and stronger men ran away in fear from the giant, God gave David courage to face him.  God directed one small pebble, projected from David’s slingshot, and killed a fierce, angry giant.

David trusted God, and God protected him.

My children and I have faced a giant.  As God has been leading us to freedom, we have been terrified, mistreated, ignored, lied about.  Many of our friends, and even some of our family, haven’t believe us and turned their backs on us.  We have been unjustly accused of alienation and rebellion and disrespect, by the giant.  My children and I have been wrongfully and cruelly separated from each other by the courts.  The kids’ best friends were even banned from seeing them, without any evidence they had done anything wrong.   The giant was angry with us, so he told lies about me and my kids.

It has been a horribly devastating trial.  But over and over again throughout it, God has given us hope and encouragement.  We want you to feel the same hope and encouragement in your trial. We want you to know you are not alone. We’re here.

And God is with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.

We hope He has brought you to us as a reminder to you of His love for you, by giving you friends to stand with you.  We’re here.


image – photo of letter written to father by   girl – 18

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