A letter to my sister

Because of false accusations of parental alienation syndrome, my kids and I were forced apart and allowed no contact.  By God’s grace, they were able to be together during that time – but their sadness was tremendous.  They did much to encourage each other  – including notes and letters and pictures to one another.  I found this sweet letter among their things, when they were returned to me.

Dear “G”,

I love you SO much my sweet sister!!  You are the most sweet, wonderful sister EVER!!!  I know that I can trust you!!  🙂  You are becoming the confident, beautiful, wise woman I always knew was in there.  You’ve been with me through the thick and thin!  I know that things are hard right now, and you’ll probably never reach a time in our life when things will be perfect, but I know that you will always be able to pull through because I believe nothing can stop my brave friend when she has planted her feet.  “G”, when you truly set your mind on something – don’t let go because if you hold on, even if you might not get it in the end, it has made you stronger.  I ‘m sorry I can’t be perfect.  I’m trying my best but I apologize because of my selfishness, bossiness, short temperedness, and vainness.  I hope to one day be at least half as godly as you.  I know that if I write this letter you won’t puff up or get vain, and that’s another one of the many things I love about the unstoppable “G” I’ve grown to love and adore.  I wanted to write you a letter in this hard time so that I could encourage you.   And so that when you hopefully look back at this you’ll remember everything, and that it was hard. But I also want you to remember that God took us all through it (not around it) to make us stronger together in Christ.  To knit our hearts together to form His plan.  We’ll get through it together, Sis.  I promise.  I just know God is and will grow you to be a beautiful part of His awesome masterpiece.  I look at you now and smile because I know God has a load of blessings, trials, heartaches, and joy stored up just for you.  I pray that when we see Mommy again we will be able to go through more hard trials (not cause they’re fun) but because after this I know we will all feel like we can do anything and it will grow us all together.  I love you SO much, “G”!  Never stop believing and trusting in God!




words by “F”   girl – 12

art by “G”   girl – 12


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