Dear GAL..

Mrs. T.,

My name is “F”, I’m 12 years old.  I just want my mommy to stay with us 24/7 and for us to be able to chose to see our Dad.  Our Dad has been cruel, and manipulative, and I don’t wish him ill will, I just want him to be gone.  And I know you can change it so PLEASE just let us be with our Mommy!!!  Nobody has told me to say or feel anything.  We’ve told our Dad we just want to be with our Mommy but he didn’t listen!!  I’m just asking you to listen and let us be with our Mom!!  We’re the ones having to see our Dad almost every night.  The very man who we know doesn’t care about us, or else Mom would be here by now.  Dad has been mean, and fake, and he has literally grabbed and hurt us.  PLEASE change it for us!!  We just want our Mommy to be with us.  Everyone thinks that since we’re just kids they should listen to our Dad.  But we really need our Mom.  I cry every time she leaves.  And I just want my Dad to go away.  Most the time I can’t even eat I’m so depressed.  PLEASE help us!!!



It seems like no one will help us.


words and art by “F”  – girl  12



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