On this site, the kids’ writing and art has come from their deep feelings of betrayal and hurt, loss and fear.  At times they have felt like their life was a nightmare.  They were desperate and wanted so badly to escape.

Although it may not be clear in every letter and drawing, their hope has come from faith in the Lord.  They understand and believe in God’s sovereignty, but their pain has been very real and big.

During our court-ordered separation, there were some scriptures which were very meaningful to them when they felt particularly alone.  Of course they were able to do things at times with other people, go to parks or places they enjoyed; even laugh.  But no matter what they were doing, beneath the surface their hearts were hurting.

Proverbs 14:13 was special to them.  “Even in laughter the heart may be in pain.”

These true words made them feel encouraged and helped them remember God knew what they were feeling.

They didn’t stop hurting.  They didn’t stop longing for their mom.  But He gave them hope – and it kept them going.


art by “N”   girl  – 16


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