I should be more important than I feel I am

My name is “E”, and I am 18 years old.

I am not satisfied with the performance of my Guardian ad Litem, Ms. T.  She was appointed by court to be my voice in all legal matters concerning me at this time.  In the two months that she has been my GAL, I have not heard from her once.  She has not contacted me, though she said she would.  If Ms. T is supposed to be my voice, shouldn’t she have spoken to me at least once by now?  She has made decisions for myself and my siblings without consulting us.  As my Guardian, she should be more involved with me personally.  I should be more important to her than I feel I am.

I am therefore requesting the termination of Ms. T as my Guardian ad Litem.

words by “E”    girl – 18

art by “G  girl – 13


The GAL didn’t see my children until the day before her report was due to the judge – 4 months after she was appointed to them.  Despite their pleas, which I sent through email to her, she ignored them.

Although the legal system has much to say about a child’s best interests, our experience of unethical behaviors, lying, and complete indifference toward children does not seem out of the ordinary.  For the most part, children do not have a voice there.  Even older children, like my teenagers are disregarded, or not believed over an adult.

My children continually pleaded with me to let them talk to “the judge”.  They complained, rightly so, about their GAL’s disinterest in them and knew my efforts to contact her on their behalf were met with unresponsiveness.  Therefore, they determined to do something on their own.  Something they knew they could do – they wrote letters of grievance.

When I gave them to my lawyer, he told me the court would frown upon the children’s efforts.  He discouraged me from sending them to the judge or even to the GAL.  However, I saved their letters.  They are important for many reasons, but especially because writing them gave my kids a feeling of empowerment.

The words they wrote were a way to stand up for themselves.  Whether or not their words resulted in immediate change in their circumstances, they learned that speaking the truth matters.  God cares about truth and wants us to care about it, too.

Their letters became a memorable lesson about shining the light on unrighteousness, no matter how insignificant the means appear, and trusting God to use their faithfulness in accomplishing His plans for their lives and His Kingdom.

Just when they thought they couldn’t bear their situation another day, God delivered them from it.  The GAL’s lack of diligence toward my kids has come to light, with time.  God brought someone into their lives, through the judge, who believed them over their dad and saw the GAL’s failure to do her job.

Scripture tells us to persevere in trials.  Perseverance brings about proven character and proven character, hope.  And hope does not disappoint.

If you are in a similar situation, don’t give up.  Use whatever means God has given you to speak truth and shine the light on evil.  Then trust God with the results.  You will learn proven character and God will bring forth the truth, in His perfect timing.



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