My Feelings

Writing has been a way for my kids to express how they feel, when they couldn’t say it.  Seeing their feelings in words made them real.  This is especially important when the person who is hurting you makes you feel like you are overreacting, or that the hurtful thing they just did to you, or said to you, didn’t even happen.

Words are powerful.


My Feelings

Anxious, Depressed, Forced, MAD, Sad, feel like I can’t do it anymore, I want Mom and Dad to divorce, I feel like no one’s listening or standing up for me, ignored by the very people who are supposed to be helping.  I feel like I don’t matter.  I want to be with Mom.  Forced, fear, exhausted.  Why isn’t anyone standing up for me!?  Why isn’t anyone listening?  Only my siblings, Mom, and my best friends are helping.  I feel betrayed.  I’m afraid and I just want to be with my mom.  I’m exhausted, and feel like I can’t see Dad ever again or I’ll blow up, faint, or walk away.  I haven’t even seen my guardian and she’s already agreed to forcing me to do something I don’t want to do while being with my Dad who has hurt me!!  And she doesn’t even know me!!!


words by  “F”   girl – 13


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