This is a website for survivors of domestic violence – not just women, but their children, too. Kids of all ages are welcome here.  The site is owned by me, a mom, and my kids – and we are survivors.   Due to confidentiality reasons, we can’t tell you our names.  But there’s a lot we can tell you.

I am a mom, married for almost 23 years – and will be divorced soon.  I have boys and girls ranging in age from 10 up to 21 years old.

David’s Slingshot is named after the David of the Bible.  He was chosen by God while he was just a boy, and was anointed to be King.  One of the many amazing things he did as a boy was to fight a fierce giant.  Instead of fighting him with the usual weapons of his time, he fought the giant with his slingshot and a small stone.  And he won!  He won because God gave him the courage to stand up to the giant, and then God defeated the giant for David.  With a slingshot and a stone.

When you have lived with someone who frightens you or hurts you, someone like a giant, you need courage.  And the only One who can give you the kind of courage that David had, is God.  And we are here to testify that He will do it.  He is doing it for us, and He will do it for you.

During our journey, we have expressed our fear and hurt through stories, poems, songs, and art.  That’s what God has given to help us.  We want to share them with you in hopes that God will use what He has given to encourage us in order to do the same for you.